The Mission Team's Goal: "To look for opportunities where we are able to share Jesus Christ in everything we do."  

The Missions mandate given in Scripture, Matthew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15, is our belief that as Christians we are to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him.

Get involved!

Getting involved in Missions is easy...come and join us as we bring opportunities to the church family to become more involved in Missions, be it an Evangelism training, a  local hands on opportunity within the community,  a trip elsewhere, or a sacrificial offering!


Missions team leader, Mary Jean smith

"The desire to lead the Missions Team comes naturally to me along with a definite God given Call to do this.  My parents were Missionaries and as such, I learned at an early age that not everyone knew Jesus.  This made a lasting impression on me to always want to do my part, in sharing Jesus.  As an adult,  I have had the privilege to go on Mission Trips to 5 countries, 16 different times, to share Jesus, through construction, VBS, evangelism, prayer walking, mission support and encouragement. 

You too can be involved...contact myself @ msmith5020@juno.com I'd love to chat with you, encourage you  and better yet, have you  come along on our Mission Journey to share Jesus, here in Rutledge, North America or 'off shore' in the future."