Tithes and offerings at cbc

Here at Centennial Baptist Church we believe Tithes and Offerings is one of the most important ways we as believers can worship! Giving back to God for all He has blessed us with! Giving online is secure and easy now on the CBC Website! 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I still tithe during the service on Sunday's?

A: Yes, of course! Centennial will still have a moment of tithing during our AM service on Sunday's for those that do not want to give online.

Q: Is giving online secure?

A: Yes! We have made sure that only our financial advisor is able to see any transactions made and that each one is completely safe and secure through the portal used!

Q: What is a recurring payment?

A: If you choose to set up recurring payments; you are choosing to set up a payment that will automatically be withdrawn from your account into tithing.

We at CBC thank you for helping further His Kingdom by bringing our church to this next level of Online Giving!