Welcome to Children's Church!

CBC’s goal in their children’s ministry is for every child to come to know God and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior in a safe and fun environment. This is to be done through the teaching of the Gospel, Scripture, discipleship and the love and Christ like example of the leaders/teachers/volunteers. 

Where do i go?

Children’s Church and Awana are located in the old church building that is directly behind CBC’s marquee sign. All children Sunday school classes are located in the same building accept for 1-5th grade boys which is located upstairs in the main church building. 

minisitry needs

Helpers in Children’s Church. More eyes are always better to keep the children safe and their needs met. 

Helpers in Awana to facilitate and listen to children saying their verses. 

Our Children's Director, Autumn Trapp

 Autumn loves to work with children and has always found it very east to connect with them. She finds that nothing gives her more joy and purpose then explaining the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to a child. And seeing the Holy Spirit switch the light on in their heart to where they express that they genuinely want to place their trust in Christ to love and serve Him. So, she knew Children’s ministry would be her area to serve.   Autumn attended Source of Lights Ministries Extreme Assignment in Madison, Ga and received her Associate degree in Ministry. She then went on to Piedmont University in North Carolina. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry and a minor in Children’s ministry.