Get connected

Small Groups is a great way to get connected here at Centennial! Come join us on Sunday Mornings at 9:15AM to enjoy a great breakfast, great fellowship, and an even better lesson brought to you by one of our wonderful small group leaders listed below! We have classes based on life stages and also based on age! Check out our small group leaders and see which class best suits you! Contact us with any questions you may have!

Our Small Group LEaders

Which class best suits you?

  • Rebecca Morgan, Pre-k to Kindergarten (4-5 Year Olds)

    Meets in room C-105 (Children's Building)

  • Eric and Peyton Ulrich, Pre-K to Kindergarten (4-5 year olds)

    Meets in room C-105 (Children's Building)

    Phone Numbers: 770-652-1693 or 770-652-1651


  • Dawn Knight, First to Fifth grade girls (6-10 year olds)

    Meets in room C-106 (Children's Building)

  • Bill and kelly sewell, First to Fifth Grade boys

    Meets in room A-219 (Upstairs in Main Building)

    Phone Number: 770 787 8742

  • Angela Newell, sixth to eighth grade girls

    Meets in room A-202 (Upstairs in Main Building)

  • Krista Laster, NINTH TO TWELFTH GRADE Girls

    Meets in room A-203 (Upstairs in Main Building)

  • Isaac Newell, Sixth to TWELFTH GRADE BOYS

    Meets in room A-206 (Upstairs in Main Building)

  • Alan Smith, Young Single Adults (18 years +)

    Meets in room A-207 (Upstairs in Main Building)

  • Allen Brown, The Table (Engaged or Married)

    Meets in room A-218 (Upstairs in Main Building)

  • Brian thigpen, Married with kids (40-49 year olds)

    Meets in room A-216 (Upstairs in Main Building)

  • Kevin Hamilton, Salt and Light (40-59 Years Old)

    Meets in room A-204/205 (Upstairs in Main Building)

    Phone Number: 770-314-1472


  • Linda Hatfield, New Begginnings (Ladies 20 Years old+)

    Meets in Room A-110 (Downstairs in Main Building)

    Phone Number:706-473-1817


  • John Cranmer, Fellowship Class (55-69 Years Old)

    Meets in room A-108 (Downstairs in Main Building)